Dog Boarding

Why it's important

For times when you will be away from home but you feel that your dog may not thrive in a kennel environment, we can accommodate them in our happy home environment. Perhaps you are planning to attend a special night out, a weekend away or a longer fun family holiday; whatever the reason, you can be assured that your dog will be safe, warm and happy, have lots of company and be well looked after in your absence.

Dog Boarding Bedfordshire

How We Can Help

We aim to replicate your dogs usual daily routine and provide the same level of care you would provide yourself. We offer overnight dog boarding services in our happy home, making it a truly home from home boarding experience.

If your dog is boarding he will become one of our family alongside our own two dogs whether it’s for one night, one week or longer. On day one we will collect your dog or you can drop them off, whatever suits you best. They will join us on all the walks arranged for that day and all other days they are with us. 

Once home from a fun-filled day out, happy and tired, we may snuggle up on the sofa (our sofa is their sofa!) and relax, then it’s playtime for a while before dinner. Later on in the evening if it’s summer time we may go out for an evening walk. Once home it’s relax time before going out in the garden one last time followed by a “biscuit for bed time” (if allowed of course). 

Then they can settle down in their beds for the night where they will quite possibly dream about all of the fun they had and all the adventures they are going to have the next day!

Our boarding service is on a limited basis so we can provide the highest standards of care for any dogs staying with us. Bookings should therefore be made in advance.

A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the total booking price will be required to secure all bookings.

Please note we do not board dogs under a year old or dogs that have not been neutered or spayed.